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Insulated Sectional Door Installation at Seagate Facilities

Seagate are a global leader in data storage solutions.

Comech Engineering were tasked with retrofitting the existing stores loading bays with an upgraded door solution.

Comech installed 40mm thick aluminium doors that are insulated and have extra vision panels to give greater visibility and light to come through, whilst keeping the building secure.

Key factors of the doors are extra safety features such as safe drives and wireless optical safety systems to prevent incidents from occurring and reduce any downtime in production.

Comech Engineering are specialists in Loading bay solutions in Northern Ireland. Also specialising in High Speed Doors and installation of Dock Levellers throughout Northern Ireland.

Working in exacting environments, Comech can supply and install the correct loading bay equipment for your specific needs.

Comech is one of the most competent companies to supply solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

We work with our clients to facilitate installations that are carried out around their needs, resulting in less downtime and labour costs.

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