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Airlock Installation in a Medical Device Production Facility

Comech Engineering installed 2 Speed Doors as a Clean-Room Airlock, in a medical device production facility.

The clean-room is kept at a constant pressure of 25 pascals. Therefore the high speed door solution must be air tight.

Hence Comech Engineering design is an airlock which allows entry to the Clean-Room, while retaining the positive pressure.

The airlock consists of two Hermetic high speed doors, which retain pressure up to 30 pascals. The surround of the doors is made from stainless steel, which is long lasting and easy to keep clean.

Furthermore, the wall on the inner side of the Clean-Room is fire-rated. Consequently Comech installed a fire-rated roller-shutter to maintain the fire-rating and constructed a steel framework to carry the inner speed-door. Comech then sealed between the wall and this framework to create the airlock required between the 2 speed-doors.

Also the fire door linked to the fire alarm with warning controls and battery backup fitted.

Finally, a particle test was taken before and after the installation. The readings were basically identical. Consequently, this showed that the airlock was hermetically sealed and fully operational.

Comech Engineering supply and install Clean-Room Speed Doors, Hermetic doors, Food Industry Speed Doors and Airlocks throughout Ireland.

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