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One Service As It Should Be

Comech EngineeringIndustrial doors, dock levellers and shelters create invisible connections in your business and as long they work perfectly you don’t think about them: it’s our goal to keep it that way.

Your trouble-free operation is the heart of our business.

We offer the widest coverage of service and  maintenance on industrial doors loading dock  and Automatic entrance systems. Our professional, skilled and experienced technicians assist you quickly, wherever you are  and, thanks to our fully stocked service vehicles, most interruptions can be solved at the first visit, saving you valuable time and money.

We help all businesses, from smaller organisations with a few doors or docking stations, to large central warehouses with a 24-hour operation. Our first consideration is always your business, so we look at your requirements before recommending a service schedule to fit your needs.

Most importantly of all, we have the right expertise to service and maintain ALL industrial doors and docking systems, irrespective of brand or model. Our top-quality service offering stems from a knowledge of all industries and business sectors: our engineers work with you to gain a good understanding of your business.

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