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Kerry Foods – Portadown

Comech Engineering recently specified installed and commissioned a new loading bay for food snack producer Kerry Foods, Portadown.

Working from initial stages Comech specified the products required for a safe, reliable and swift functioning loading bay, fulfilling the highest health and safety standards and keeping the loading process a smooth transition.

The structure and framework of steelwork was concepted to house the equipment to ensure a speedy install with everything in place.
Equipment installed in a timely manner to aid the building process.

Final commissioning of the solution, bringing together all the componants of a safe reliable and durable loading bay solution.

Stertil Comilok ensures the container to be loaded is locked in position before the door can be opened and the loading commenced. On receipt of the Insulated sectional door being operated, the Inflatable dock seals, inflate, so by time the door is open fully, the airbags of the seal have fully inflated to create a fully pressurized environmental seal to the trailer. The dock leveller can be operated and loading commences.

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