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Comech Engineering offers Automatic Curved Sliding Doors all throughout Northern Ireland which are an ideal solution for rendering your entrances both enticing and individual. The doors can be designed as outwardly or inwardly curved semi-circles and segments, full circle configurations, oval and double-segment units, or as tailored constructions using any combination of these basic shapes.

The door systems are manufactured as either concave or convex assemblies.

The Insight Automatic Curved Sliding Doors can be designed either as noticeable features or architecturally coordinated to harmonise with the overall styling of the facade.

We have introduced a new ‘Comfort Line’ of Automatic Curved Sliding Doors, developed to complement the well-established ‘Special Line’ range.

Whilst the ‘Special Line’ provides customers with a bespoke and customised design service, the new ‘Comfort Line’ offers a range of six pre-determined diameters in half circle (180 degrees) or full circle (360 degrees) designs.

Curved sliding doors
Curved sliding doors
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