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Comech Engineering offer automatic swing doors for both interior and exterior use all available throughout Northern Ireland. Comech have a wide range of automatic swing door operators which are ideal for both retrofit and new installations and blend well into different environments.

The well-proven automatic system is characterised by compact design and advanced technology along with the following features:

  • Energy-saving, thanks to its low current “closed” position
  • Strikingly silent running capability
  • Intelligent system
  • Maintenance free and reliable
  • Available in a wide variety of finishes

It can be set up in a variety of ways including ‘fully automatic’, ‘low energy’ and ‘push & go’, and can be fitted with emergency battery back-up and break out facilities. Our swing operators can be fitted to single or double swing doors and can be mounted on the lintel or directly onto the door leaf.

We offer an extensive choice of activation to complement the range including:

  • Radar activation
  • Push Pad activation
  • Push Button activation
  • Remote Fob activation
  • Access Control (Stand alone or PC based systems inc. proximity fobs / swipe cards / keypads etc…)

We ensure that all our door operating equipment including safety & activation sensors are installed by trained engineers and conform to BS EN 16005:2012. and are members of the ADSA (Automatic door suppliers association)

Automatic Swing Doors
Automatic Swing Doors
Automatic Swing Doors
Automatic Swing Doors
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