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Comech Engineering offer many sliding automatic doors throughout Northern Ireland and these are by far the most popular and widely used automatic door system.

The automatic sliding doors that Comech offer give an attractive, state-of-the art solution for door automation. The advanced design and sleek styling is ideal for any architectural project and can be adapted to a wide range of different doors and customer requirements

Comech. Automatic sliding doors are available in either:

  • Single sliding
  • Bi-part sliding
  • Telescopic sliding

The Comech Telescopic sliding door is the natural choice for narrow passageways or where space is a prime concern. By maximising the width of the door opening it provides an impressive solution for high traffic areas where opening width is of paramount importance.

All sliding operators are supplied with a fully monitored battery backup system which will ensure the doors open in the event of power failure or fire alarm activation. Our sliding doors can also be supplied with a break-out facility which allows users to push the doors open in an emergency.

With contemporary design and forward-thinking technology, the Comech. sliding operator is the perfect operator for your next project.

We ensure that all our door operating equipment including safety & activation sensors are installed by trained engineers and conform to BS EN 16005:2012.and are members of the ADSA (Automatic door suppliers association)

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