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15 Tonne Dock Leveller Installed

Comech Engineering were approached by a large warehouse operator to Supply and Install a 15 tonne rated dock leveller to the main warehouse for plywood supply.

The main loading bay is used for the unloading of shipping containers full of plywood.

The combined weight of the forklift and bale of plywood being well over 10 tonne meant Comech Engineering had to specify and supply and install a unit big enough for the task.

A 15 tonne rated Dock leveller unit was supplied Installed and commissioned as a Solution for the plywood warehouse.

The electro/Hydraulic dock leveller unit has double main Rams so as to lift the heavy 8mm plate deck and lip plate, the hinges were also over rated to cope with the forces involved.
Heavy duty toeguards for safety and also safety on the hydraulic were all included as standard to give a robust and durable solution with safety in mind.

Comech Engineering are leading suppliers of Dock levellers in Northern Ireland and also….specify, supply and service Dock levellers across Ireland.

From inception to completion, Comech Engineering can specify the right design required for the loading bay process incorporating the right dock leveller for the task in hand.

Comech Engineering work with major suppliers and can also deliver bespoke solutions.

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